Financial Instrument Pricing Using C++

My research in the last years has focused on the theoretical and practical aspects of macro and sectoral modeling of developing countries. The achievement I'm proudest of is developing a compact formalism that automatically observes net worth during portfolio reallocations in macro models.

In parallel, I have pursued my long-standing interest in wavelet analysis, resulting in a recent paper using wavelets in observational astrophysics.


  • Economics: 3 published in peer-reviewed journals, 1 submitted, 2 in preparation, 2 working papers, 1 UNDP discussion paper and policy summary paper
  • Other: 1 in Mathematics, 1 in Astrophysics peer-reviewed journals

The first observed stellar X-ray flare oscillation: Constraints on the flare loop length and the magnetic field U. Mitra-Kraev, L. K. Harra, D.R. Williams, E. Kraev Astronomy and Astrophysics , A&A 436, 1041-1047 (2005)

Financial Accounting Matrix and Transaction Matrices: A Concise Formalism for Describing Financial Stock Dynamics, Working Paper, CEPA, New School for Social Research, New York, Nov. 2004, Submitted to Economic Systems Research

Structural Adjustment Policies in Ghana in the 1990s: An Empirical Analysis and Policy Recommendations - UNDP Discussion Paper and Policy Summary Paper, Oct. 2004

Assessing Modeling Approaches to the Distributional Effects of Macroeconomic Reform, E.Kraev, B. Akolgo, Development Policy Review , accepted, Volume 23 Issue 3 Page 299  - May 2005

Modeling Macroeconomic and Distributional Impacts of Stabilization and Adjustment Packages: Current Literature and Challenges, Working Paper 2003-6, CEPA, New School for Social Research, New York, Nov. 2003, In preparation for submission to Journal of Policy Modeling

Ceteris Non Paribus: Integrating Ecological, Social and Economic Systems in a Dynamic Model of Island Tourism T.Patterson, T.Gulden, K.Cousins, E.Kraev Ecological Modeling , 175 (2004) 121-136, Sept. 2003

Stocks, Flows and Complementarity: Formalizing a Basic Insight of Ecological Economics - Ecological Economics , 43 (2002) 277-286, Sept. 2002

Existence and Uniqueness for Height Structured Hierarchical Population Models, Natural Resource Modeling , vol.14 no.1 pp.45-70, Spring 2001


Research Associate, Center for Development Policy and Research, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, Spring 2005

  • Quantified the costs of premature trade liberalization to developing countries, using an array of Computable General Equilibrium models

Visiting Scholar, Center for Economic Policy Analysis, New School for Social Research, New York, Autumn 2003

  • Conducted an in-depth technical analysis of financial CGE models, resulting in a working paper

Research Associate, Center for Economic Policy Research, Washington , DC 2000 - 2001

  • Performed comparative analysis of different countries' human development indicators time series